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Deep understanding of the aerodynamics knowledge of the body Suites

Datetime: 2018-05-29 12:38:25    Views: 673
If you want to know the various suites of the car body and what they can provide, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the various components, the installation process, and the professional terms. The car body modifications in the market are usually applied to the following aspects: improving the appearance of the car and changing to a more aerodynamic structure. Here, we"ll introduce some of the main body suites that you need to know before you buy and install them so that you can make the right choices and choose the performance and appearance you are pursuing.
The main components of the body kit
The complete body kit includes at least the following: front bumper, spoiler, side skirt and side guard. Bumper is a product with impact and cushioning, and it plays a protective role in the event of collision. Spoiler is mainly used to reduce air resistance. Side skirts are the panels on the front and rear wheels of a vehicle, but the main function is beauty.
Materials that make up a suite
Most of the packages are made of glass fiber, carbon fiber or polyurethane. Glass fiber is cheaper and lighter than other available materials. However, glass fiber is very fragile and easy to break. The weight of carbon fiber is also very light, which is more durable than glass fiber, so it is more expensive. Polyurethane is flexible and durable, and is a popular alternative to the above materials.
The use of body Suites
Body kit is usually used to improve appearance, often with some inkjet and other visual effects, to create a brand new look. Before 2000, the purchase of Honda Civic is the most frequently converted car in the current auto modification market, which generally involves reducing body resistance, reducing body weight, and so on.
Factory and restructure store
More and more car manufacturers are launching their own body kit. Factory brand is the first choice because it matches the original manufacturer"s configuration, but often costs more. The sale of remodeled shops is also widely accepted by the public because of its personalized and customized features.
Auto body Suites upgrade
The suite is not used alone. As in the past, when you install the body kit, you usually paint the car body. If you have recently modified the appearance of the car, you can use the window kit and new rim to improve the effect. If you are more inclined to make your car faster, more aerodynamic, and more efficient, you can install high-performance chips for your car. The high performance chip can increase about 60 horsepower and save fuel. It is fully installed under the hood, so you do not need additional modification.