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Various modification methods on automobile

Datetime: 2018-05-29 12:37:18    Views: 683
Power modification, car light modification, audio modification, etc. are the most common ways of automobile modification, and people are getting higher and higher in the pursuit of performance. However, too much pursuit of performance increase and personality display can sometimes affect the final effect of the modification. Attention should be paid to certain rules in refitting.

Performance modification "intake and exhaust", ignition system more

The most dynamic aspect should be "intake and exhaust", that is, the so-called suction pipe and exhaust pipe. Then there are modifications to the ignition system, such as switching to a better spark plug and ignition line. The modification of these two items can make the vehicle work smoothly, improve the efficiency of the engine. It can also make the gasoline and air mixed fully, and then reduce the emission of the exhaust gas. It is very good for the use of the engine to the vehicle. It is often the first choice for the owners to refit.

Reasonable modification of the main parts of the appearance modification

The surrounding and diversion parts are mainly used to reduce the drag and increase the stability of the vehicle. Now part of the car owners to install large siege not only take into account the aerodynamic factors, but also to achieve a beautiful effect. The defects of the large encircling modification are the road conditions, because the height of the whole vehicle will be reduced after the heavy encircling, and the road conditions in China are not very ideal, and some of the potholes are more prone to the big encircling.

The tail fins are also used in many modifications, but in general, it is not recommended that small displacement cars be fitted with tail fins. It is counterproductive for some owners to add tail wings blindly, because the tail is used to increase the stability of the body, which is important for large passenger cars, but the exaggerated tail wing of a small displacement car will affect the speed of the car instead.

Wheel rim and brake rim are mostly made of aluminum alloy. Although beautiful, there is still a slight shortage of weight loss, which is a burden for high-performance vehicles. The modification of the brake is mainly based on the vehicle type. Some of the vehicles that are refitted on the basis of modification are not recommended for braking. Because if the brake is too strong, it is easy to be rear ended in the traffic flow on the ordinary road.

Refitting the headlights is mainly based on brightness, but no bright headlights are recommended. This will affect the safe driving of oncoming vehicles. At present, there are two main types of color bulbs, one is blue, the other is purple. Such coloured light bulbs consume less power and output power, but the structure is complex and the price is higher, so it is not necessary for ordinary refitted cars.

The front cover of the car front cover carbon fiber is the love of the more advanced feverish reformer. It can not only reduce the weight of the body, but also play a good role in heat dissipation and beauty.

Sound is the eternal pursuit of the enthusiasts of the car lovers, and there is no end to the pursuit of sound. However, to remind the primary reformer, the sound is not necessarily a blind pursuit of a loud bass. In fact, if the bass is too heavy, it is also a harm to the driver itself.

Refit to redress to coordinate with vehicles

The transformation of the car needs to be coordinated, and many owners are not very clear about the idea of refitting now, which leads to the feeling that some cars are refitted. For example, some people want their car to improve the power performance, so that the speed of the car as fast as possible, but at the same time to install a set of sound system, a few hundred kilograms of sound box immediately makes the original improvement of the power system greatly discounted.

The same incongruous examples also exist in appearance. For example, now many owners will paste many stickers on the car, but lack of collocation and selectivity, and even some stickers conflict with the brand of vehicles. So when choosing the sticker, we should first consider such a sticker for the brand of car, and then also in the color matching attention, do not need too swagger.

The owners should have their own first ideas when they are reformed, and then inform the staff of the redress shop that they will give them more appropriate modifications and suggestions. The two aspects of mutual discussion can make automobile refit achieve a satisfactory result. Because different vehicles are suitable for the refit style and refit supplies, and can"t just see that other vehicles use a modified part, no matter 37 and twenty-one, eager to install one on their own vehicles.