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Do you know what is rims protection?

Datetime: 2018-05-28 05:54:55    Views: 803

You may have heard about rim, but what is rim protection? Do you know? It is estimated that the owners are half educated. First of all, the rim is defined as rim, rim protection or rim protection. As the name implies, it means a tire that protects the rim.

What are the main applications of rim protection in real life? It is believed that the car owners are running on the road when the tire rubbed the road, and the weakest part of the tire is the edge of the tire, and the wheel may be injured as well. There is toughness on the side of the tyre, but no damage to the tires, but the side wheel is probably injured. How can we solve it?

The main way is not to rub the road teeth, but this is not very realistic. There are wheels running on the road and not touching the teeth. Therefore, at this time, the appearance of tire with rim protection can solve this problem. There must be a doubt of the owner. What is the difference between the tyre with rim protection and the tire without rim protection? There are still some differences.

A tire with a rim protection has a prominent part in the position of the tire near the toe, and this prominent part uses strong rubber. When the tire and the horse road are scraped, the rigid rubber can resist the impact and protect the ring from being scratched. And without rim protection, there is no rim in the position near the toe. The tire and the horse road are scraped, the soft tire can not bear the big impact, and the chance of the ring is very high.

The wheel"s protective tire function is mainly to protect the rim from scratching, and to make the tire with rim protection look more beautiful. Because the part of the rim protection requires a stronger part of the rubber, it also means that the rigidity of the tire is stronger and the angle of the formation of the side and the tread tends to be more square, unlike the tire without rim protection and the drum on the side of the tire.

The protection of the rim of the tire has a great deal of help to protect the rim of the wheel, even if the tire is installed with the rim of the tire, it will not be easy to press the horse road. The wheel rim is not scratched, but if the cord ply and the steel wire layer are damaged, the tire will be changed lightly, which will result in a traffic accident. Owners should try to avoid rubbing the horse"s teeth while driving. If you don"t want to scrape the wheel rim, you can play a certain role in choosing a tire with rim protection.