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How much do you know about the harm of a tire running out of gas?

Datetime: 2018-05-28 05:51:19    Views: 843

Tire pressure is the problem that car owners should always pay attention to, but some owners may think that they buy a big brand of tires, such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop and other international brands of tires, so the quality should be the bar, even if the tire is short, it should be no problem as usual. This idea is obviously wrong, and there are countless accidents caused by lack of gas. So, it"s time for you to know about the danger of a tire running without gas.

No.1, when the tire pressure is lower than the normal value, the tire will soften, and the deformation will increase. Once the contact area of the tire and the pavement increases, the friction coefficient will increase doubly, causing the tire temperature to rise sharply.

In this case, if the car is still at high speed, the heat will quickly gather together, and the inside of the tire will start separating and delamination, and finally the tire burst. If the car is running at a low speed, it will damage the tyre due to excessive tire deformation. The latter case is more dangerous because of its long incubation period and large concealment. It is a hidden danger for tire burst after driving on the highway.

No.2, as a result of the excessive deformation of the tire because of the lack of gas, it is easy to break the cord and even the fault phenomenon, which can cause the tire zipper tire to burst in serious condition.

"Air pressure is the life of tires, and high temperature is the main killer of tires". If the tire pressure is 20 percentage lower than the normal value, the life of the tire will be reduced by 30 percentage points, reaching the critical point of endangering safe driving. Therefore, in addition to the maintenance of the tire, the driver should pay attention to the inspection of the tire pressure and keep the tire running in the standard air pressure, so as to ensure the safety of the driving.